U.S. Consulate awards $1.02m to civic organisations

December 31, 2021

The United States has restated its commitment to working with Nigeria to improve health, security, economic growth, human rights, democracy, and education throughout the country.

From January 2021, the United States Consulate General in Lagos awarded $1.02m to civic organisations to implement projects across the 17 states in southern Nigeria.

The funded projects addressed the themes of bolstering outreach to underserved communities, promoting respect for human rights and transparency in government, empowerment of women and youth, and teacher training and STEM education.

Other themes included entrepreneurship, media literacy, combatting misinformation as well as fostering a robust alumni network.

The Consulate supported United States exchange alumni efforts to utilise the skills, knowledge, and networks gained through their exchange program experiences to address challenges faced by communities across southern Nigeria.

Its exchange alumni organised clean-up campaigns, taught others job skills, marched to show support for combatting gender-based violence, promoted technology in the classroom, and raised awareness of illegal wildlife trafficking.

The alumni-led projects were selected for their strong sustainability plans, and many will continue past the grant period through volunteer work and other funding sources.

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