Toyin Lawani shares experience on surgery after several attempt.

September 10, 2020

Toyin Lawani on her instagram shares experience of surgery after may attempt fails.

“Through the many times of surgeries I laughed through it all , today I will be posting all my various surgeries you have never seen before, I’m so relieved finally, didn’t want to share this till I see results , the messages I read from people daily made me cry so bad at night , too many women out there suffering from this same conditions but can’t speak out, too many surgeries yet same result ,I’m a living testimony

This particular one a year ago, I cried all day cause I didn’t want to believe they would cut me again after I felt I was done with the whole process a year before , for the 4th time , every 2years I was a visitor to hospital for surgeries, my children are gift from God how I carried them to term , I don’t know.

I would be pregnant for 5months and I wouldn’t know cause I will be on my period, I was advised to hv one more child before I take out my womb, that pregnancy was hell, my brother used to carry me to literally bath me.

I couldn’t walk , was in severe pain , I had something called red degeneration and they advised me to take the baby out, the Fibriod was literally sucking the blood off the baby and they couldn’t give me any medication due to the baby , I was bed ridden for like 6months,

My business was on hold , couldn’t do a lot , lost a lot ,but I just thank God I’m finally done with this mess , to anyone who needs help , to everyone who have been messaging me for years about my surgeries I did , which later came back.

Multiple surgeries,various down times ,plenty concussions, plenty prayer houses ,various promises for 16 years& I finally just used the right cure ,If you know my story ,which I always share you will remember I had my is not Fibriod case with my daughter’s pregnancy, since then I’ve had 6 surgeries till recently& they kept coming back ,causing me severe pain & other damages to other parts of my body.”

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