The Lagos State Governor Advices The Public To Still Adhere to Safety Guidelines For The COVID-19

September 30, 2020

COVID-19 is still very much active around us. Therefore, the safety guidelines for the virus should be adhered to.

I reiterated the importance of social distancing and the use of face masks to our resilient businessmen and women, when I made an unscheduled stop at the Oyingbo market on my way to work today.

I also stressed on the importance of keeping their environment clean. As a clean environment is a relatively disease free one. I therefore charged them to always clean the market and it’s environs. I also stressed on the need to be orderly, co-exist peacefully and follow Government’s regulations on environmental and health safety guidelines.

We are indeed thankful that we have been able to control and manage the spread of the virus, even as the world continues to experience the economic effects of the pandemic.

But that is not a license to throw caution to the wind and be careless with our wellbeing. We must continue to protect ourselves and our loved ones by adhering strictly to all the safety guidelines.

I thank Lagosians for the continuous drive, pushing through adversity and embracing the spirit of Lagos.

As a government, we will continue to support our citizens and their businesses by helping them cushion the economic impact of COVID-19 by rolling out direct business and community interventions across all LGAs that will make lives easier as we approach the end of the year.

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