Side chic knocks out her sugar daddy’s wife during confrontation at her place (Video)

December 24, 2021

A video which surfaced online shows the moment two women were exchanging fists over a married man in Kenya.

According to reports, the married man’s wife was informed that her husband was seen with another woman and she stormed the place with some friends.

However, on reaching there, she met her husband while he was leaving, so the moment he saw his wife, he quickly took to his heels.

The wife then decided to confront the alleged side chic while she was still in her under garment. And just as they were trying to sort out the issue, the young lady got physical and started throwing punches.

The married woman was lucky to dodge a few of the punches, and threw some of her own, but she was not lucky for long as one of the mistress’ punch hit her face and she fell down.

Watch the video HERE

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