Policeman warms hearts as he stops keke napep to give the driver and passengers money for Christmas (Video)

December 25, 2021

A police officer has let many people speechless with his act of generosity towards a tricycle (keke) rider and his passengers.

He had stopped the keke napep on a busy road and alighted from his van to engage them in a conversation.

The keke rider and his passengers probably thought an offense had been committed or they were about to be extorted, but to their utmost surprise, he gifted each of them some money.

In a video posted online, the officer could be seen wishing them a Merry Christmas, after which he dipped his hand in his pockets and brought out some money which he then shared to them.

The moment he gave it all out and bid them farewell, their reaction was a mixture of disbelief and gratitude and he went back to his vehicle.

Watch the video HERE

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