Kourtney Kardashian revealed which sister she’d take advice from

September 11, 2020

Kourtney Kardashian revealed which sister she’d take relationship advice from, and made a point to say it wouldn’t be Kim! Kendall Jenner disagreed, however.

For dating advice Kourtney Kardashian, 41, doesn’t go to Kim Kardashian, 39. The Poosh blogger made this confession on the Sept. 10 episode of the Apple podcast Sibling Reverlry With Oliver & Kate Hudson, which Kendall Jenner, 24, also joined! The sisters revealed what kind of advice they seek from each sister during the interview.

For which sister gives the best advice, Kourtney admitted, “It depends on what the advice is for. [For] guy advice, I think Khloe [Kardashian]. But Khloe’s is harsh, harsh advice.” Kendall agreed that Khloe is “super harsh when it comes to relationship advice,” and Kourtney elaborated by saying that Khloe has “no tolerance.”

It all depends on the situation, though. “Yeah I mean I think for relationship advice I’d say, it does depend on what I’m going through because sometimes you’re like OK this person I feel like could relate to the situation,” Kendall explained, which led Kourtney to throw some — friendly? — shade at Kim.

“Like I wouldn’t go to Kim for relationship advice,” Kourtney teased, but Kendall disagreed! “I go to her sometimes if I need to be an investigator,” the model said, defending Kim’s love expertise. She further explained, “[Kim is] like the investigator though. I call Kim if there’s tea I’m like I need to call Kim because she’ll just vibe with me on the drama because she just loves the tea.”

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