Ekiti state governor and chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, Kayode Fayemi, has dismissed claims that President Buhari is incompetent to remain in office as President of Nigeria.

December 7, 2020
President Buhari

Following the deplorable state of security across the country, the PDP caucus in the House of Representatives and some Nigerians have said the President is incompetent to discharge his duties as President and have called for his impeachment.

Reacting to the PDP caucus’s statement, Fayemi in an interview with Channels TV last night, said he meets with President Buhari from time to time and that nothing suggests to him that the President cannot discharge his duties effectively. He called on members of the opposition party to be constructive in their criticism.

“I meet President Muhammadu Buhari from time to time on behalf of my colleagues and there is nothing to suggest that the President is (an) invalid or incapable of delivering on the responsibilities of his office.

Our country has challenges and let’s deal with the challenges. We may have subjective or objective criticisms of the president, that is within the realms of politics and public service and I am sure the president doesn’t mind that. However, when we want to do it, let’s be constructive. It’s the Office of the President that you are denigrating when you do that; it is not his person.

If the PDP caucus in the House of Reps feels they are empowered to start an impeachment process, that is their prerogative but the matter of security is beyond partisan politics” he said

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