Duvet full of semen stains,HoH lounge- Tolanibaj

August 25, 2020

The Housemate said she saw semen stains on the duvets in the HoH lounge, making it uncomfortable for her to use.

Immediate past Deputy Head of House, Tolanibaj has revealed why she couldn’t sleep in the HOH lounge, which caused her a strike by Biggie.

She said this during a conversation with Wathoni on Tuesday.

“The only reason I couldn’t use the duvet in the HoH room was that it was dirty. There were ‘cum stains’ on it.

“Nengi changed the duvet because it was messed up with cum stains”.

The discussion ended when Erica walked into the room.Erica and Kiddwaya were the HOH and Deputy HOH before Tolanibaj was announced Kiddwaya’s Deputy.

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