COVID19 patients in Abuja speak from their hospital beds, recount their experiences (video)

January 4, 2021
COVID19 patients

As Nigeria currently battles the second wave of COVID19 which is said to be deadlier than the first one, some of the patients at the Thisday Dome treatment and Isolation center in Abuja have shared their experiences since they contracted the disease.

Most of the patients in an interview with Arise TV, said they have no idea how they contracted the viral disease.

One of the patients said she started off by treating malaria until she was tested for COVI19 and discovered to be positive.

”I came back from a trip. I was tested negative before I took the flight. I was treating malaria. I had all the symptoms and I never thought of COVID.

I have underlying medical issues. I have a heart condition, I have BP but God saved me.

I never believed it (COVID19) but now I am seeing it real. My elder sister that used to laugh at me when I used to use sanitizer and other things, she cried because she was the one taking me to places. She now believes there is COVID. There is COVID” she said

A middle-aged woman while recounting her experience said 

”I lost my sense of smell, fever, headache and general body weakness. You might not know how it feels like until you experience it. So, it is real.”

Another patient, an elderly woman who resides in Ibadan but travelled for the yuletide holiday in Abuja, said 

”Fever now came, then body weakness, shortness of breath. It was actually the shortness of breath that brought me out of the house.

This thing is real. Don’t wait until it happens to you.”

Another patient, a man said 

”I had persistent cough, a very hard one and chesty and it was producing some very thick brownish sputum. I had treated malaria and treated thyphoic according to laboratory report. It wasn’t albeiting.

I never doubted it (COVID19) and I don’t think anybody should doubt it at all. It isn’t a makeup news.”

 Watch a video of the patients speaking on their hospital bed below

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