Approach Nigerian Elections Like You Did With BBNaija – Reno Omokri

January 17, 2022
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Reno Omokri Advises Nigerian Youths to Approach Elections the Way They Approached BBNaija.

Reno Omokri, a former presidential adviser, has urged Nigerian youths to approach the 2023 elections in the same way they approached Big Brother Naija.

He urged the young people to create groups and use their money to support their preferred politicians.

He also advised them to ensure they vote on election day, no matter how long it takes to wait in line. He added that rigging is only possible “when there is low voter turn out”. He added that “rigging is all but impossible” when there is high voter turn out.

His Instagram post reads;

“Dear Nigerian youths,

The 2023 elections are almost here. Approach it like you did with #BBNaija. Form teams for your preferred candidate. Spend your money campaigning for them. Broadcast their manifestos to all your contacts. Forget about rice and pay try price for your future. Don’t be BBNaija wise and Aso Rock foolish! You say your PVC does not count. Who told you? Rigging is only successful when there is low voter turnout out. But where there is a high voter turnout, rigging is all but impossible. You waited patiently until the BBNaija phone lines were open for voting. Now, prepare to wait patiently in line, until the PVC machine reads you vote!

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