Lies! – James Brown says as he trolls Bobrisky who shared a video with his geo-location stating Benin City

January 9, 2022

Cross Dresser, James Brown has taken to his Instagram page to mock his senior colleague, Bobrisky, who shared a video on his social media page with the geo-location, Benin city.

Bobrisky shared the video to debunk claims that he was sent out of Benin city after the row caused by his comment asking the Oba of Benin to come and marry him.  A video of a man alleging that Bobrisky took the 12 noon flight out of Benin city made the rounds on social media last night, Bobrisky however shared the video of his geolocation stating Benin city to debunk the claims that he was kicked out of the state. Read 

James Brown does not believe Bobrisky’s claim that he is still in Benin city. He shared a video of himself as well and added ”Benin city” as his location. 

”We are all in Benin now ooo…Audio video things. As you dey put your old old video things, I dey put my old video. We are all in Benin. Lies! Lies!!” he said

Watch the video he shared

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