Barcelona star Gerard Pique posts his payslip on social media after reports emerged that he was the club’s highest earner, taking home almost €12m-a-season after tax

January 8, 2022

Barcelona Defender, Gerard Pique has shared his payslip online to dispel a TV report that called him Barcelona’s highest paid player.

Spanish Television presenter, Lluis Canu said Pique was taking home almost £12m a year after tax that is about a £1m a month but the footballer has revealed he took home £1.94m after tax for the last six months of 2021.

Pique was one of a number of stars to take a pay cut amid Barca’s financial woes

Posting his payslip on Twitter, it could be seen that half of Pique’s yearly salary, paid to him in December totalled €2,328,884.39 (£1.94m).

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