Female judge allegedly caught kissing ‘highly dangerous’ killer whose sentence she tried to reduce

January 5, 2022

A female judge is under investigation after CCTV appears to have allegedly shown her kissing a killer she recently convicted.

Mariel Suarez was allegedly filmed locking lips with cop killer Cristian Bustos in the Argentinian prison where he has just started a life sentence.

The judge was the only one of a panel of judges who argued that Bustos should escape a life sentence when they convicted him last month.

But Suarez denies any intimacy took place and insists she was only visiting the murderer to ask questions for a book she is writing.

Court officials have since confirmed that a probe has been launched into security footage which shows the judge leaning forward towards the “highly dangerous” inmate with her back to the camera.

Argentinian media outlets have claimed the clip is of the unlikely couple kissing.

Female judge allegedly caught kissing

Neither the judge or the inmate were officially named in a court statement confirming the investigation, but their names leaked out in local press in Argentina following the December 29 prison visit.

Bustos is being held at a jail in the southern Argentinian city of Trelew over the 2009 killing in nearby Corcovado of police officer Leandro Roberts.

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