Rubbish talk… “If una wan do lesbianism biko do it well and stop acting trashy” – Yomi Casual’s wife, Grace slams lesbians, Uyai and Amara

January 4, 2022
Yomi Casual's wife

Grace Makun, the wife of Yomi Makun, aka Yomi Casual, has expressed disgust over the ongoing drama between actress Nse Ikpe-Etim’s lesbian sister, Uyaiedu and her former partner and activist, Amara The Lesbian.

Uyai had accused Amara of being emotionally abusive, assaulting her and screaming at her while they were having a threesome with another lady, among other allegations.

Taking to Instagram amidst the drama, Grace told the ladies to stop acting trashy.

“Rubbish talk…was disgusted at this point. If una wan do the lesbianism sef biko do it well and stop acting trashy…smh! Get well soon ladies in 2022.” she wrote.

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