Referee Pulls A Gun Out To Restore Order After Controversial Penalty Call

August 21, 2021
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A referee pulled out a gun to restore order during an amateur football match in Honduras after upsetting fans with a controversial penalty call, strolling around the centre circle with the weapon.

The extraordinary moment the match official strolled around the centre circle with the weapon in his hand was filmed by fans who kept a safe distance amid the confusion.

The tense scene occurred during an amateur match in the western Honduran town of La Jigua.

Local reports said the unnamed ref brandished the pistol to protect himself from angry supporters who thought he should have awarded their side a penalty.

A relative is said to have handed him the weapon at the end of the match as he was jeered by the furious fans.

Shots could be heard during the home-made video, although it was unclear where they had come from.

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