‘Never say negative things to a pregnant woman’, Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani fires those that mock pregnant women

August 18, 2021
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Celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani has expressed displeasure at those that say negative things about pregnant women despite their thriving to produce lives.

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As an expectant mum, she said talking about pregnant women hormones is like telling them they are way different from others due to their mood swings and craziness.

However, Toyin mocked those who speak ill of expectant mothers, revealing that they lack a sense of reasoning to say such to them as it can put pregnant women in a more emotional state which can lead to isolating themselves from the toxic people.

She wrote:

Let’s educate them abit about negative things to not say to pregnant women , main no no , Never talk about a pregnant woman’s hormones, swipe and read and digest , it simply means you are saying she’s crazy and out of line , delusional etc , they tend to get tensed and worked up , but it’s never in a human beings place who has their right senses to say that to a woman grieving , trust me being pregnant can put you in an emotional state you can never imagine and when going through health issues too , tend to stay away from people who tick you off , cause it’s like a time bomb waiting to explode and you might say and do the things you don’t want to 

Toyin Lawani

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