Reno Omokri At The Age Of 6 (Throwback Photo)

August 9, 2021
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Reno Omokri shared a throwback photo of himself at the age of 6.

He captioned the photo on Instagram;

“Me at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, Yaba, Lagos, at the age of 6 in 1980. I would often make my parents late for church by my insistence on dressing myself up, instead of being helped by my mother. May God bless my mother who taught me to love God and to read Scripture from a very tender age.

I was already fashion conscious even at that age. Notice that I only buttoned the middle button of my three button suit, GQ style!

The veneration of our Lady of Fatima, which was a fixture of Saint Domino’s Church, sparked a lifelong desire in me to investigate the Fatima sighting of Mary. To God be the glory, I fulfilled that quest in 2019, when I visited Fatima in Portugal

#RenosNuggets #FreeLeahSharibu”

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