Mixed reactions as man hawks ”fresh kidney” in Lagos

August 4, 2021
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The sight of a man in Lagos in traffic with a sign that says “fresh kidney for sale” has sparked outrage on social media.

Man hawks kidney in Lagos

After a man was sighted in Lagos traffic yesterday claiming to have a fresh kidney for sale, there was an outpouring of fury on social media.

We’re not sure if the kidney he wants to sell is his or someone else’s.

Some social media users joked about it, saying, “This is where Nigeria has pushed him,” while others said, “E Don Red.”

”Na to go buy Cardboard paper. Wetin I wan sell Na my brain, it stopped working”, Another user wrote.

Another social media user wrote, ”I saw this guy yesterday in ikate Lekki traffic light

Some, on the other hand, took it seriously, claiming that if the government does not apprehend the man and he cashes out, criminals may take advantage of the situation and begin harvesting organs from unwitting citizens.

”No matter how dis night seems funny, I don’t think d relevant authorities should let dis go, dis guy should be arrested before some criminal minded people turn this to lucrative business by harvesting people organs to sell.” another social media user wrote.

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