Why I prefer to marry Oyibo man – Inem Peter shades Nigerian men.

July 31, 2021
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Nollywood actress and producer, Inem Peter has given reasons she would want to in a short while settle down with a foreign (Oyibo) man as her husband.

Inem Peter

In a recent interview, the actress whose movie latest movie The Pendulum is currently trending on Ibaka TV said, “I’m not scared of marriage. Not at all, but very soon I will settle down. That would be when the man meant for me comes, I will know and then, I will let you know too. For now, I am still very much single. 

It will also be a greater joy for me to marry a white guy (Oyibo) because I have always wanted mixed-race kids. The next achievements I want to focus on now are my Masters and Marriage. In fact, I’m already counting down seriously.”

For young girls who are trooping into Nollywood, Ms. Peter, however, warned them against sexual harassment that has eaten deep into the entertainment industry.

Sexual harassment is not avoidable. It is in every industry, however, I’d advise ladies out there, aside from talent and looks be sure of what you want. Be disciplined, dedicated always believe in yourself, and never give up. It’s not going to be easy at the beginning but it will be worth it.”

The most challenging part of being an actress, especially a female producer for me is being a perfectionist. Getting it right 101 percent is extremely difficult and to some people it is impossible but that’s what I do. That’s how much I put in as a female filmmaker so no one will have an excuse or see fault in doing business with me based on gender.”

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