Shine Ya Eye: Meet the BBNaija 2021 female housemates

July 26, 2021
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The 2021 (season 6) edition of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality show started last night (Saturday 24th July, 2021) and the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu introduced the first 11 housemates who are all males.

The female contestants were introduced tonight and here is a list of female housemates that made it into the house:

1. Angel – It’s ladies night and the first lady to enter #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye is Angel. Adorned with 11 tattoos, Angel says that what you give is what you get.

2. Peace – The 13th Housemate to enter Biggie’s House is Peace. She has a simple strategy for #BBNaija; have fun, stay in the game and win in the end.

3. Jackie B – Jackie B is the 14th Housemate to enter #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye. Her strategy is to stay 10 steps ahead of her fellow Housemates.

4. Tega – Housemate number 15 to enter the #BBNaija House is Tega. She says she has found the perfect balance between being calm and being hot-headed.

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5. ARIN – Arin joins this year’s #BBNaija as the 16th Housemate. This boss babe is an economist who says she is spice and doesn’t need to do anything extra.

6. Maria – Maria joins #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye as the 17th Housemate. Air hostess-turned-realtor plans to spice things up by making all the boys fall in love with her.

7. Liquorose – #BBNaija Housemate number 18 is Liquorose. She’s a content creator who admits she can be dramatic without realising it.

8. Beatrice – The 19th Housemate to enter #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye is Beatrice. You will not catch this model fighting for food, a man or what rightfully belongs to her.

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9. Princess – Princess is the 20th Housemate to enter Biggie’s House. The taxi driver insists no one will take advantage of her as she has seen it all in the streets.

10.Saskay – Saskay enters #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye as the 21st Housemate. She is bringing good content to the table for her stay in Biggie’s House.

11. Nini: The last #BBNaija Housemate to enter Biggie’s House is Nini. She is a fashion model and economist who is keen to try out new things and feels this experience will help her face challenges.

The #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye ladies are in the House.

This prank the guys played sha, do you think it will affect the ladies?

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