Photos From The Asisat Oshoala Parasoccer And Girls Football Tournament

July 18, 2021
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The Asisat Oshoala Foundation has held football clinics for girls in secondary schools in Lagos since 2016. The girls are usually trained by coaches of FCB Escola, Barcelona’s school in Lagos and winners in the football competition are usually presented with prizes and a chance to go abroad to play football.

In 2018 and 2019 the foundation also fed the less fortunate during Ramadan and Sallah holidays and they provided educational materials to children in public secondary schools in Lagos.

This year the Foundation teamed up with Engineer Noah Dallaji and his Noah Dallaji Foundation to organise a parasoccer tournament as well as the usual tournament for secondary school girls. The event took place yesterday. Here are pictures of the event.

It began with a meeting between the Asisat Oshoala Foundation and the Dallaji Foundation. Peter Okoye (of PSquare) was present at the occassion.

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13874378 pressconference4 jpeg66f31c7b3ff40b72255728d67fd6d270

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