Singer Teni Shuts Journalist Up For Body Shaming Her

July 3, 2021
Uyo Meyo’ crooner, Teni, has responded to a journalist who criticized her over her body size a while ago.
‘‘Dad’s Song’ Is For Everyone Who Has Lost Someone’ –Teni  

The music critic, Osagie Alonge, asked Teni to focus more on songwriting while implying that her weight would serve as a disadvantage in selling the songstress brand.

Osagie further claimed that he spoke to some industry executives and they have the same impression about Teni’s brand.

“I think Teni shouldn’t be a singer and should be a songwriter, I said it. If you’re A&R the imagery is going to be hard to sell. I’ve spoken to people in this industry who said before she had this hit (Askamaya), Teni—the image is going to be hard to sell.

“That’s why the Fargin video didn’t work because they were trying to sell her as a chick and blah blah. I think she’s a very good songwriter. As an artiste, it’s going to be hit or miss. If Teni wrote Askamaya for Tiwa Savage, Mummy Jam Jam will buy Bentley for Jam Jam. I talked to a top music exec, and he said, ‘Fam, the look doesn’t work’.

In Teni’s response, she stated that his opinion about didn’t count. “I didn’t know the guy like that,” she said.

She added that “now if it’s somebody that I know that’s in my space—I know you, you come to my house, you know my family and you want to say that about me, I’ll feel hurt cuz you have my phone number, you can reach me.

“But this one I don’t even know you like that. If I see you outside, I might not even say hi because we don’t have that relationship. You don’t know me so why should (what you’re saying) count

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