“I will rather visit 4 countries than feed 600 people at my wedding” – Man says

May 27, 2021
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The young man took to social media to condemn the idea of spending lavishly on wedding celebrations as he suggested the option of touring other countries with the money.

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According to a Twitter user identified as @kingfoye_, the tradition of spending an enormous amount of money on a wedding is ridiculous compared to the supposed intimacy that the union is supposed to be about.

He, however, suggested the option of investing such money in making memories around the world with his newly wedded wife.

In his words;

“I will rather visit 4 countries in two weeks than feed 600 people at my wedding.
Honestly, wedding should be about sharing intimate moment together as new couples.

Makes more sense to spend more exploring the world together than having 600 guests debate whether the jollof was spicy or not
People saying you can’t control no of guests at an African wedding. Says who? Fixing my wedding on a Monday.”

“I will rather visit 4 countries than feed 600 people at my wedding" - Man says

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