‘Buhari is a national embarrassment’: Adamu Garba slams Buhari over absence at Ibrahim Attahiru’s burial

May 23, 2021
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Popular Activist and politician, Adamu Garba, has slammed President Buhari and all Northern governors who were absent at Ibrahim Attahiru’s burial yesterday in Abuja. Despite the funeral taking place in Abuja, the president was still absent.

Nigerians are still dragging the president and other governors over their failure to attend Ibrahim Attahiru and other military officers’ burials.

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Northern governors ignored the burial only to attend AGF Malami’s son’s burial.

Adamu Garba referred to President Buhari’s absence as a “National embarrassment to Nigeria.”

Adamu Garba’s statement read: “Even the fact that our President is not there to pay his last respects is a national embarrassment to us, Wallahi.
I don’t know why everything in this country would have to be different

What signal are we extending to our men & women in uniform? Those on the frontline? Why is this?

“If a whole COAS died and does not deserve the attention of the highest national authority, what will be the thinking of the lower cadre officers?

“All governors & President are supposed to attend his funeral unfailingly.
It is a symbolic gesture of solidarity with our military.
We must work on the spirit of our national consciousness.
There are things that no matter what, we should not take for granted.

Our leaders must understand that a country like Nigeria should be led from the frontline.
We should love our national heroes death or alive.

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