“It’s ignorant how we expect poor people to live a righteous life in this country” – Actress Ifemeludike

May 11, 2021

Nollywood  Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has reflected on the current situation in Nigeria as she comes to the conclusion that it is not plausible to expect poor people to live righteous lives.

She took to her Instagram page to write that Christians aren’t telling themselves the truth about the reality on the ground and why many people have not given their lives to Christ.

Here’s what she wrote:

“It’s quite ignorant how we expect poor people to live a righteous life. People wey never chop na potential criminal, how can you preach repentance to someone that has no job, no food, wears rags, underpaid, lives in the ghetto(slum) with no physical solutions in sight, you just expect them to give their lives to Christ when they know that someone somewhere is stealing their collective wealth!!! I laugh in Swahili”


“The reason why we are just religious without really being Christlike(Christians) is that we are not telling ourselves the truth. How can you preach salvation to a youth who graduated in 2015 without a job, no government support, starts a business but can’t sustain it because the burden of taking care of his parents, siblings and himself is on the neck of a 23-year-old! How??? In a society where children are now bread winners because one greedy politician has looted their parents pension… How do you preach repentance to the victims and not the culprits??? How do you convince a youth not to get involved in crime while he watches his mother die of an illness that money could have solved??? How do you preach to a 15-year-old girl child to stop prostitution when she watches hunger beat her younger ones mercilessly??? How!? Until we identify the people who have shortchanged our lives and values we may be preaching to the Wrong congregation… Can true salvation be gotten in a rotten society??? Hoodlums, yahoo yahoos, bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, militants, run girls association, baby mamas club etc. Are the results you get after lootingour common wealth for over 60years…”

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