Lady narrates how her sister cut off engagement with her foreign fiancé over antibiotic medication

April 23, 2021

A woman took to her Twitter account to narrate how a friend canceled a marriage that was set to happen over not wanting to take antibiotics.

 antibiotics cancelled marriage

Here’s what she tweeted;

“ friend’s younger sister just called off her engagement. She got introduced to this abroad Bobo is June last year. The conversation was great. He came home in September and the came again in December and they got engaged. Bobo is coming back again in a few weeks.

For them to do introduction proper. My good sis is not a prude, so she knows things might go down. However, Bobo’s elder sister who works in a popular hospital in Lagos asked her to come to the hospital to run many tests which she did and they came back clean.

However Bobo’s sister is insisting that my good sis has to be on certain antibiotics treatment for the next 21days before her brother returns in order to prepare her body. Sis refused. Bobo’s sis reported to Bobo. Bobo insists my sis has to do as his sis has said.

The whole of my good sis family says six should not take any antibiotics especially as all her tests came back clean. Bobo says he won’t come back if sis refuses to do as his sister has said. My good sis tells him not to bother and has gone to drop the ring with Bobo’s “

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