Housemates call out Starzz reality show for being a scam & how winners are co-workers (Video)

April 23, 2021

Season 3 housemates of Starzz reality show exposed organizers of scamming unsuspecting viewers through votes and arranging winners.

starzz reality show

According to one of the current housemates identified as Jigijaga who reached out to popular influence, Tunde Ednut, in a lengthy note on how the show is a complete fraudulent scheme.

Narrating their ordeal, Jigijaga stated the housemates are underfed and also lack proper medical care which almost led to the death of one of them.

Housemates call out Starzz reality show of being a scam & how winners are co-workers (Video)

Read his full write up below…

“Hello kind tunde It’s me JIGIJAGA, and you have posted one of my videos before on your blog Please there is a scam going on in Lagos in the name of Reality show it’s @starzzrealitytv Am one housemate season 3 and the show is a scam
They kept us in the house and fed us like prisoners.

We generate followers and views for them and they do not fulfil them what them promised us; they have already planted a winner and deceiving us all to vote so we can generate money for them.

In the Reality show there are camera men (how can a camera man be in a Reality show, that means it is no longer a Reality show because everyone wants to fake his or her lifestyle in front of the camera, no hidden camera at all.

Housemates call out Starzz reality show of being a scam & how winners are co-workers (Video)

We eat twice a day while most of the housemates here can afford more than that; They gave us pure water while in our house we drink table water, everyone here is sick, one of us almost died because of ulcer and they don’t even care about that)

They give us our phone everyday so we can convince people to vote for us so they make money. Most of us spend our own money just to vote Some spend 200k, 300k, 500k, 1million and more just to vote but yet they don’t even care.

Now we have found out that the former winners of season 1 was their colleague and working together, the last winner the same thing because they didn’t fulfil the promise. Please Sir, you’re really the voice of the people and we need to put an end to this.

My name is JIGIJAGA and I have never for one day supported evil or conspire against any scam or fraudulent in our society. Please help us out so we can put this down , our youths are in Peer pressure and they are taking advantage of that.
Please help us and post I will be sending you videos regarding to this please help us . Thanks From all of us here”

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