“Best gift a man can give me is business support not a car” – Actress Didi Ekanem

April 21, 2021

Notable Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem notes that flashy gift from men is usually useless unlike getting supported with a business.

didi ekanem

According to the screen diva, most men prefer offering valueless yet flashy gifts to women rather than helping them to grow business-wise.

Taking to Instastory, Didi Ekanem wrote;

“The best thing a man can do for me is to support my business and help me to grow… If a man buys me a car, well good… but I won’t appreciate it as much as I’d if he got me a shop. Some men will spoil you with expensive gifts but can never set you up for growth…”

"Best gift a man can give me is business support, not a car" - Actress, Didi Ekanem

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