Photos: Pregnant Woman Dies In A Bus In Onitsha

April 16, 2021
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A Pregnant Woman dies in a Bus going to Onitsha

Gifted Joseph narrates this sad story;

I Boarded a Transit, from Awka, after my brother dropped me at the park.
On reaching to Okwuzu junction, this woman then, started screaming, that her air is not functioning.

We stopped, she was brought down, but we couldn’t leave her there,tl the driver and I, and some good people put her back, despite her size is huge.

Her last comment was she was going to Tarzan, Onitsha.
I prayed, she was quiet, I held her head, her head was pounding, and her eyes was loosing it essence.

I stopped, her vital pulse was gone, no life was left. SHE WAS GONE.
She has no ID. no phone, nothing just her lylon bag..

Pls we are at Ogini police station Onitsha, we can share her pictures, until we can at least get someone who can identify her….

We are Nothing, but pencil, in the hands of our Creator…

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