“Out of 50 actresses in Nigeria 48 are into prostitution” – Evangelist reveals

April 15, 2021
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A young evangelist took to his Facebook page to chide his followers against becoming Nollywood stars or musicians unless they are in tandem with prostitution.

Nollywood prostitution actresses

Victor Edet has revealed that as a young girl becoming a Nollywood actress has automatically turned you into a Prostitute.

According to him, out of 50 actresses in Nigeria, only 2 are genuinely into the business of acting and eating from their sweat while others are intoprostitution.

Here’s what he said; “AS a young lady who lives in Nigeria, I will advise you not to dream of becoming an Actress or Musician except you want to end up being a Prostitute. Forget about the Flashy Cars and Houses they show you Online. Out of 50 Actresses in Nigeria, only 2 are geniuely eating from their sweat, others are into Prostitution.–If you don’t believe me now, you will believe later.”

Nollywood prostitution actresses

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