“To jubilate over a broken marriage is pure witchcraft” – Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday

April 13, 2021
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Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday took to her social media page to slam haters who jubilate over people’s broken marriages.

broken marriage Nkechi Blessing

In a post shared by the actress on her Instagram page, she opined that the way Nigerians jubilate over broken marriages is “sickening.”

And only people who practice witchcraft can comfortably feel good about it and hope that marriages crash.

Here’s what she wrote;

“The way Nigerians be soo quick to jubilate over a broken marriage is pathetic 0` who do Una this thing? No be pure witchcraft be that? 0M0o00o0o0!!!!”

broken marriage Nkechi Blessing

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