“Placenta of a newborn is the sweetest meat I’ve ever had” – Lady says

April 9, 2021

Young lady expresses utmost satisfaction after consuming the placenta of her family member, says it is the best meat she ever had.

"Placenta of a newborn is the sweetest meat I've ever had" - Lady says

Twitter user, identified as @iam_mystiquee took to the micro-blogging platform to narrate how she ate a human’s placenta.

“Placenta bangs hard sha. I keep saying this. I don’t know what makes it sweet, but it’s the sweetest meat I’ve consumed till date,” she wrote.

It did not take long before other users attacked the young lady for saying utter rubbish and not feeling remorse about her actions.

In a new post, she wrote;

“Idg why you people are shouting. Is it not your family member’s placenta. Better eat that thing and realize. Funny enough if they give you, you won’t know till they tell you it’s placenta. Say no to discrimination.”

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