Tuface Idibia and Pero Adeniyi celebrate their son on his birthday

April 8, 2021

Nigerian singers Tuface Idibia and Pero Adeniyi took to their social media accounts to celebrate their son’s birthday on Instagram.

Tuface Idibia celebrate son

The proud parents took to their respective Instagram accounts to shower their love and prayers for blessings on their son.

His son, Innocent Idibia Jnr, is a namesake of the Nigerian singer, Tuface Innocent Idibia.

Here’s what he wrote;

“Special birthday blessings to my son Innocent Idibia Jnr. You shall be great my son. Love you like mad forever. Let the party begin. Put everything on my tab!”

Tuface Idibia celebrate son

Pero Adeniyi also shared photos and made a video of him.

Here’s what she wrote:

Happy 9th Birthday to the prince of my heart, my love, my husband, my kitty kitty, Innocent Kitan Ejebleje. You will continue to grow with the wisdom of God. You were born great. You will forever be our joy and pride. My darling, my life wire, ears have not heard, eyes have not seen what God will use for on earth. My future Potus live and prosper”

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