“Happy birthday my investments” – Kanayo O. Kanayo celebrates son and daughter’s birthday

April 8, 2021
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Veteran Nollywood actress, Kanayo O. Kanayo celebrates two of his children, Uloakum and Kosisochukwu as they mark their birthday today.

kanayo o. kanayo daughter valerie

Taking to Instagram to share photos of his grown-up son and daughter, the actor, who always gets trolled as a ritualist, lauded his children as he encouraged his fans to show them affection.

In a post, Kanayo O. Kanayo wrote;

“It’s Valerie (Uloaku) my daughter’s birthday today, it’s also Kosi’s birthday too. Please show them your usual uncommon love. Thanks”

"Happy birthday my investments" - Kanayo O. Kanayo celebrates son and daughter's birthday

In another, he added:

“Happy birthday Uloakum & Kosisochukwu. My investments.”

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