Jada Pollock reacts after being slammed over silence on ‘Wisekid’ saga

April 7, 2021

Fans have forced out a word or two from the mouth of Wizkid’s baby mama and manager Jada Pollock after she was mercilessly dragged over her silence as regards the Wisekid saga that surfaced recently.

Jada Pollock Wisekid reacts

Fans accused Jada Pollock of being insensitive to relevant issues and going about with her daily routine posts amid the trending saga.


After several backlashes, Jada Pollock has reacted in a recent tweet, she made on 7 April, Wednesday afternoon.

Jada Pollock Wisekid reacts

In her words:

“RCA have been actively working on taking down illegal uploads across all digital platforms since yesterday morning. Relating to the fraudulent “Wisekid” account. Thank you Wizkid FC for your dedication and patience. It does not go unnoticed”

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