“I first ate cornflakes in the University” – Nigerian lady narrates how she was mocked for not having nice clothes, shoes and fixing synthetic weavons

March 31, 2021

A Nigerian woman, Nsikak Effiong from Akwa Ibom has revealed that she tasted cornflakes for the first time when she entered university as her parents didn’t know about cereals. 

Nsikak, who disclosed this on Facebook on Tuesda, also narrated how she was mocked back then for not having nice clothes, shoes and fixing synthetic weavons.  She also encouraged her followers stating that ”what we do not have now, we will definitely have it tomorrow”

“I first ate cornflakes in the University. Of course, I knew what cornflakes and goldenmorn was but I didn’t eat it. My parents really didn’t know it. We had food always at home and that was the most important which I’m ever so grateful for.. Cereals definitely alien to them. I’m sure if my mom knew it, she would buy for me. But she didn’t.” she wrote.

‘So first day I bought cornflakes, I finished the whole packet in 1hr. It was a case of “FINALLY”. Shebi this thing? I don chop am at last. It felt gooood.

“I never thought I would one day dress the way I dress. Like have my own unique fashion style, wear the basic of things and still look fly. In fact, I never knew a day would come I will wear “nice” clothes.

“That’s cos I had someone who constantly mocked the clothes I wore back then. Who mocked me for not being able to dress good. For not looking expensive. For fixing synthetic weavons. For not having good pair of shoes. Ahah! Now I have a good number of these things now.

“Well, that which we do not have yesterday. We have now. And that which we do not have NOW? We will definitely have it TOMORROW”

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