Ladies please stop enduring nonsense from men – Reality TV star, Tacha cries out

March 23, 2021

Reality TV star, Tacha, has asked women to stop taking nonsense from men all in the name of being in a relationship.

In a Twitter thread, Tacha opined that the idea that women need to ”endure” certain things from their men needs to stop.

”This endurance thing women gat to go through needs to end! Ladies stop enduring Nonsense!! Just stop

STOP giving these men the LIVERAGE to treat you like trash!! I’lld rather be single than TOLERATE an ATTITUDE I do not dish!

OWN your OWN SH*T and be your OWN BOSS! 2021 no Bs should be TOLERATED! Thank you.

Until I get cheated on and CHEAT on you too! we keep the same ENERGY!”she wrote

Tacha 3

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