Skuki Peeshaun questions court ruling on Daddy Freeze’s adultery case

March 10, 2021
Skuki Peeshaun

Nigerian singer, Skuki Peeshaun, has questioned the court ruling in favour of Daddy Freeze’s partner’s ex-husband and demanded Daddy Freeze pays 5 million Naira after Benedicta Elechi’s ex-husband accused her of adultery with the OAP.

Skuki Peeshaun questions court ruling on Daddy Freezes adultery case

Mr. Paul Odekina charged Daddy Freeze in court for committing adultery with Benedicta Elechi (his wife) while she was still married to him.

Yesterday, the Federal High court in Rivers state found Daddy Freeze guilty of adultery and ordered him to pay N5 million to Mr. Paul Odekina.

Responding to the court’s judgement, Daddy Freeze, in a new video, stated that the court not served him.

He also revealed he will appeal the case in court until he gets justice. He also reminded people that the Supreme Court is the apex court in Nigeria.

Reacting to the judgement, Peeshaun asked why Benedicta filed for divorce over 9 years ago but the court kept dragging the case. However, the moment her ex-husband alleged she committed adultery with Daddy Freeze, the court immediately ruled in his favour.

He said:

Our legal system did not answer the woman for nine years one month. But now, when the man has come forward now to say, ‘ehn, she committed adultery’, the court is ruling in his favour, telling her she’ll lose custody of the children.

“How do we use our legal system to cheat our women? Because there’s a lot of bullshots that women go through on this side that will not happen in developed countries. “

He pointed out that Daddy Freeze and Benedicta got together in 2015 after Benedicta had filed for divorce and there may be no proof they were romantically linked before her marriage to her ex-husband hit the rocks.

“Now, I don’t even think anyone can even prove that she knew Daddy Freeze when she filed for a divorce,” he stated

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