“Even if the Queen knelt to greet Meghan, she’d found a way to accuse the Royal Family”– Reno Omokri says.

March 9, 2021

Nigerian writer Reno Omokri has given his opinion on the alleged racism Meghan Markle said she received during her stay in the Royal family.

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Reno said Meghan would have still found a problem with the Royal family even if the “Queen” and other members of the family knelt to her every morning.

He also said Meghan was “blindsided” and surprised that she wanted her son to have the title “prince” even when there was already a rule stating the reason Archie cannot be called a “Prince” until his grandfather Charles becomes the King.

Sharing his thoughts on his official Instagram account, Reno wrote:

“We have seen it in Nigeria before. A certain celebrity married a certain man, thinking he was the son of a former Nigerian President. She thought her children would have that name brand, that would make them and her like royalty. But when she found out that the man was not the son of who she thought he was, and that her son would not have that esteemed title of being the grandchild of a former President, the scales fell off her eyes and the marriage became unbearable.

Look, even if Queen Elizabeth II and her entire family kneel to greet Meghan Markle each morning, and tremble before her, as long as the Queen does not change that 1917 law that prevents great grandchildren of the monarch (except great grandchildren from the direct male heir to the throne) from becoming prince and princesses, Meghan would still have accused them.”

He added Meghan failed to follow the Royal family protocols, and that she assumed her children would automatically have a title.

“She did not know about that law. She schemed, but was blindsided, and surprised. In fact, she confessed during the interview that she did not have sufficient knowledge of royal family protocols. She just assumed her children would automatically get the title. And as we all should know, assumption is the mother of frustration.”

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