Biden Urges US Senate To Act Quickly On $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Package

February 28, 2021
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President Joe Biden on Saturday welcomed the overnight passage by the US House of Representatives of an enormous, $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, saying it moves the country closer to full Covid-19 vaccination and economic recovery. 

The package passed the House just after 2:00 am (0700 GMT) Saturday, in a 219 to 212 vote, with not one Republican vote, and moves next week to the Senate.

“I hope it will receive quick action,” Biden said in a brief address from the White House.

“We have no time to waste. If we act now, decisively, quickly and boldly, we can finally get ahead of this virus.”

The vote in the House meant that “we’re one step closer to vaccinating the nation, we are one step closer to putting $1,400 in the pockets of Americans, we’re one step closer to extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans who are shortly going to lose them.”

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He said the bill — which would be the second-largest US stimulus ever, after a $2 trillion package approved in March — would also help schools reopen safely and allow local and state governments to avoid “massive layoffs for essential workers.”

The House vote came just days after the Covid-19 death toll surpassed 500,000 in the United States, the world’s worst total.

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