NCC vows to sanction telcos over forced subscriptions

February 27, 2021

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed that it will sanction telecom providers forcefully subscribing consumers to value-added services (VAS).

This warning was contained in a statement issued by Efosa Idehen, director of consumer affairs bureau at NCC, via a video published on the commission’s Twitter account on Friday, February 26.

Idehen explained that VAS is the value added by a service provider to a consumer and if there are no value-added, it is wrong to forcefully subscribe one to it.

“Forceful subscription is a no to the commission. For you to subscribe into VAS, a message is first sent to you and then another is sent for confirmation on whether a consumer wants to subscribe to the service or not,” he said.

“If they forcefully subscribe you to content without permission or confirmation, report such case to the commission.

“It is an offence and it is punishable by sanction, there are penalties for forcefully subscribing VAS if consumers didn’t subscribe to it. ”

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