Mompha reacts to reports of being Bobrisky’s lover

February 27, 2021
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Nigerian Internet sensation Ismaila Mustapha alias Mompha, has reacted to allegations that he was romantically involved with controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky.

Mompha reacts to reports of being Bobriskys lover

His name sprang up in the online brawl between Bobrisky and actress, Nkechi Blessing. It started after Nkechi apologized to a fan after she accused her of lying and inking a fake tattoo of her name for clout.

Following the apology, a fan then told Nkechi Blessing that she apologized to the fan who tattooed her name because she is scared of Bobrisky.

And Nkechi responded: “Abi you and Bobrisky dey mad? You want make I swear for you?”

Bobrisky hit back, calling Nkechi names. And Nkechi fired back at the crossdresser immediately.

According to Nkechi, Bobrisky has been fighting with her since 2019 over a man. The 32 year old also dared Bobrisky to publicly mention the man’s name.

The statement raised speculations that Mompha is the married man because he is the known mutual friend of the media personalities.

However, Bobrisky immediately refuted the claims and warned Nkechi against bringing an innocent man into her twisted game.

He wrote,

“Nkechi don’t implicate an innocent man to your rubbish, everyone knows Mompha is a philanthropist, he is a nice man to everyone. Sad how you are trying to twist your rubbish around him. Mompha wife knows me and she knows am just a good friend to him. Just because you are trying to get to me you want to scatter someone else home and pass wrong information out !!!!!.”

In reaction to the claims that he is bisexual, Mompha went on his Instagram story to dismiss the allegations and slammed those spreading the rumour. See what he wrote below;

Mompha reacts to reports of being Bobriskys lover 1

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