Benin Opposition Member In Custody Ahead Of Elections

February 25, 2021
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A leading member of Benin’s opposition has been held and brought before a special court, the government said, as critics accuse the authorities of a crackdown ahead of upcoming elections.

Bio Dramane Tidjani, from the opposition Democrats party, was summoned on Monday by the Court of Repression of Economic Offences and Terrorism for “destabilising the electoral process,” government spokesman Alain Orounla said.

“The special prosecutor… heard people whose suspicious activity and reprehensible actions required them to be heard in a court of law,” he said, without giving details.

Benin Flag

“The government will… rigorously sanction anyone who seeks to disrupt the upcoming election or cause violence,” Orounla said in remarks to reporters late Wednesday.

Tidjani, who is not well known by the public but is important within the party and close to its leader, was still in custody on Thursday, his party said.

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