Meet Segun Adebayo That Proposed To Toyin Lawani On Val’s Day

February 16, 2021
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Meet Segun Adebayo Druce aka Deeunknown and Segun_wealth the official photography to Toyin Lawal and also the man that proposed to the fashion stylist and entrepreneur on Valentine’s Day.

Segun Adebayo Druce is a married man and he is blessed with 2 wonderful kids.

17th of February will make it 6 years that he got married to Edel but he went ahead with proposing to Toyin leaving his wife and 2 kids.

The annoying thing about Segun is that he has a child with his wife that is barely 6 months.

Your favourite fashion Stylist and entrepreneur is aware of the marriage between Segun and Edel.

Segun has been working with Toyin for year’s and they got closer by day and night.

Deeunkown has become Known.

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Fear women, Fear Toyin Lawani… Because Edel mother took someone’s husband, so Toyin also had to take Edel, husband ” wahala bi like bicycle”

How can you be calling Jesus Christ after snatching someone’s husband? People aren’t scared of Jesus again.

I never knew some celebrities behave like Toyin, so she believes Segun who has a 6months old child broke up with his wife.

Well I’m not surprise by Toyin Lawani, the countdown to her failed marriages didn’t just start today.

Sometimes I ask myself what example are this Yeyebrities giving to people, this will be the 4th marriage in Toyin Lawani’s life.

This is the same guy snapping and seeing her unclothedness for year’s, so you all shouldn’t be surprise.

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