Any lady not satisfied with flowers and chocolates, not wife material – Joro

February 14, 2021

Controversial Nigerian Love doctor, Joro Olumofin has written that any woman that is not satisfied with flowers and chocolates is not a wife material.

He made the statement as a contribution to the trending event for lovers set to hold on February 14th – Valentine’s day.

He wrote on his social media page:

85% of Nigerian ladies see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to “ Hammer” i.e upgrade their phones, buy new cars, even try to buy a whole HOUSE.

Is it the economy ? Or is it Personality traits that erupt such gourmandizing behaviors ? A lot of ladies have either been Brainwashed by society into thinking love is money or they’re just greedy.

Flowers, Chocolates, Cards, have become a taboo and a thing for “small girls”. If a guy gives a lady flowers & chocolates her response may most likely be: am I a child? Do I look like a goat that I will eat flowers, flowers are grass � It’s also sad that some men have taken advantage of these ladies weaknesses. Some men use the promise of Val’s gift to sleep with ladies and they end of not giving the gifts.

Ladies, appreciate what your man gives you with a happy heart and give something back too. Sex is not payment for Vals gifts. Any lady not satisfied with Flowers & chocolates is not a wife material.

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