“Madam, don’t take life too serious” – James Brown throws shade at Bobrisky again

February 6, 2021

Upcoming cross-dresser, James Brown has taken a swipe at his counterpart, Bobrisky once again on not taking life too seriously.

It would be recalled that the two male barbies got in a nasty fight some weeks about that led to the baby crossdresser losing his Instagram account temporarily.

Since his return, James Brown grew wings and stood for what he wants on continuing the cross-dressing business despite being threatened by Bobrisky to quit.

In a recent post on Instagram, the ‘darling’ crooner wrote;

“I can be a guy if I want to, so I don’t own any mother f**ker any explanation
Don’t take life too seriously 🧐 madam it just a game.”

"Madam, don't take life too serious" - James Brown throws shade at Bobrisky again

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