Personal Assistant to President Buhari, Bashir Ahmad Attends Wedding Where People Didn’t Wear Facemasks

January 31, 2021
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Personal Assistant to President Buhari on New Media, Bashir Ahmad has been tackled on Twitter after he shared photos of himself at a wedding in Bauchi state on Saturday January 30.

He posted the photos and wrote;

”In Bauchi, for my good friend, @IbrahimRabo08’s wedding fatiha to his beautiful wife, Maimuna. May Allah bless their union with peace, understanding, love and beautiful children. Allah ya ba su zaman lafiya da fahimtar juna.”

However, some Nigerians pointed out that the the groom and guests were not wearing face masks, a violation of the COVID-19 protocols.

A Twitter user @Ojornelu, wrote;

“Then at night when NCDC drops their numbers you’d come tell us to wear a mask but can’t do the same to the people around you.”

Responding to her comment, Bashir stated that he is not an enforcement officer and that there is a limit to what he can do.

He wrote;

“First, I am not a law enforcement officer, so there is limit to what one can do. Secondly, I can’t love them more than they love themselves, ours is to encourage, advise and also tell them the consequence of their actions. Keep advising people to always wear their masks, please.”

This comes few days after President Buhari signed the executive law permitting anyone flouting the COVID-19 protocols be arrested and prosecuted.

According to the law, violators of the COVID-19 protocols stand the risk of being sent to jail for six months.

Nigerians in his comment section are asking if the young men will be arrested as stipulated by the law that has been signed.

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