Ehi Ogbebor says she’ll give marriage a 3rd chance

January 27, 2021

Lagos socialite Ehi Ogbebor has said she is ready to give marriage a 3rd chance after it has been revealed she is dating NURTW Chairman MC Oluomo.

Speaking in an interview, the interior decorator stated that the fact that her previous marriages didn’t work out does not mean she would give up on love.

She further stated that she has been blessed with the good things of life and it only appears that she is quite unlucky in the marriage institution, which she is willing to risk once more.

As word of her relationship with the NURTW boss spread, Ogbebor put out a video refuting claims that he bankrolled her business.

“I’m beating my chest to say it. No man spent one dime on my house. If you did, and you’re a man and you don’t speak up, God will punish you. I’m betting a $100,000. Come out if you claim to have bankrolled me,” she said.

“Or you spent one Naira in my business or building my house. I built my house myself. I’m on the road at times, four days a week. I do it for myself and my kids. Stop ruing the minds of these little girls.

“You’re making them think they have to be with men for money. Beyonce is with Jay-z. Is he bankrolling her? What are you teaching girls? I will be with a man I care about. He doesn’t need to give me a dime because I don’t need it!

“Come out if you’ve bankrolled me; given me money to go and do business. You better speak. I just bet $100,000.”

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