Remi Surutu praises daughter after allegedly slapping Faithia Balogun at a burial

January 22, 2021

In the course of the week, actress Remi Surutu made headlines for allegedly slapping fellow actress Faithia Williams at a burial hosted by Mr. Bamidele Omosehin, in honor of his late dad.

An eyewitness report revealed to News Of the People, how Remi Surutu walked up to Fathia Balogun’s table at the party and gave her a dirty slap even though unprovoked.

It became a mini pandemonium until concerned guests separated them and frayed nerves were calmed.

Sources hinted that Remi had been having grudges against Fathia on what she told her friends as Fathia’s disrespectful act, therefore looking for an avenue to pounce on her and ‘teach her’ lessons.

Other rumor mongers also added that Faithia may be romantically linked with the London-based celebrant whom Remi regards as her younger brother.

“There is the aspect of actress, Iyabo Ojo, who fondly claims to be Remi Surutu’s daughter and must have fed her with stories about Faithia Williams.

Even though both actresses’ have failed to speak on the issue after being contacted, Remi Surutu has celebrated her daughter’s birthday.

Sharing a photo of her daughter, Biola on Instagram, Remi Surutu wrote

“To My Daughter…You’re my wonderful blessing,
A Treasure from above.
You’re laughter, warmth,
 and special charm, you’re beauty and love.
You bring me special joy from deep inside.
And as you grew to adulthood, you fill my heart with pride. With every year that passes,you’re most special than before. Through every stage, through every age, I Love you even more.
No words can describe the warm memories, The Pride, and gratitude, too. That comes from having a daughter to love and cherish….just like you … Happy birthday my joy”

Recall that Biola, the daughter of light-skinned veteran actress, Remi Surutu had her wedding introduction in Ikorodu, Lagos in August 2020.

The soon-to-wed bride received a brand new car gift from her lover who is an aspiring pilot, as a surprise wedding introduction gift.

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