I’d love to give marriage second chance –Biodun Okeowo

January 16, 2021
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Actress, Biodun Okeowo a.k.a Omoborty has revealed that she is willing to give marriage a second chance. The divorced mother of two and star of Okanjua in this interview listed her expectations from potential suitors, her take on DNA testing and her past love life among other issues.

How would you rate 2020?

Honestly for me, 2020 has been one of the best years of my career I must confess. It was the year I bagged over 10 ambassadorial deals worth millions of naira and I say all glory be to God. Of course, there were challenges but God has been great! Even with all the crisis we went through, he kept pulling me out of each storm making me emerge stronger.

What are your projections for 2021?

I believe 2021 would be better because I already have multiple targets that I have set for myself which I intend to achieve before the end of the year. I am looking forward to bigger endorsements, achievements and above all, taking my brand global.

So, what are your New Year resolutions?

My number one is to be closer to God more than ever before and have the best relationship with Him. Others are to accomplish some projects that I am not willing to reveal yet (Smiles).

Talking about bad habits, do you intend to drop any this year?

Hmmm…, my temperament, I want to reduce the rate at which I get angry and get a grip on my emotions; I am too emotional (laughter).

What are your relationship goals and do you consider yourself romantic?

Marriage, yes it is marriage! I want to get married if God says it is time and permits me. And talking about being romantic, yes I am very romantic; 100 per cent.

What kind of man would you not date?

I can’t date a man who doesn’t have the fear of God and a man who feels too big to say sorry when wrong.

What is your advice for women who seek rich men to date or marry?

The only man I would advise any lady not to date or marry is a guy without prospects. Forget that he is not rich now. People with prospects are the billionaires of tomorrow. But some ladies don’t recognize opportunities. Secondly, I advise people to do what rocks their boat. I can’t advise anyone on whom to date or not to date. In my dictionary, love doesn’t choose based on standards. I have dated the rich, the average and the poor, yes I have! Love strikes most in odd places. And for me it is love first before any other thing. Yes, some women might be lucky getting a great package with full options (laughter); this means having a handsome and a rich man guy which is every woman’s desire and prayer. But then, someone must be with the other men too. And we shouldn’t forget that God could come through for anyone especially when the person is not lazy and has prospects.

Talking about Nollywood, what are the changes you expect to see in 2021?

As you all know, I haven’t been acting as much as I used to but this year I would be back in the industry. I am coming back with new skills and then there is a project, a big project I have coming up; something mouth watering.  My fans should watch out!

What is your position on the trending DNA test scandal rocking the country?

If both parties are cool with it then it is okay to go for DNA testing but beware! There could even be foul play in the hospital (laughter). I heard some hospitals swap children. I don’t know if it’s true-oh or is it that I have watched too many Nigerian movies but to be candid, it is not a bad idea if there is a need to clear a doubt or something.

Would you advise men to do DNA testing the moment a child is born?

Well, if the man chooses to it is okay. But the man should also consider the emotional state of the woman because it means there is a lack of trust and that could affect the marriage.

How would you react if your hubby asks that the kids go for a DNA test?

I won’t blame him though. Yes, I will allow him have his way. Not allowing him means I have skeleton in my cupboard. But he just proved to me he never trusted me. I will oblige him but my actions after that will depend on his explanation and what led him to request such.

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